WTF is twenty-goto-ten?

It started long ago with a computer.  That computer was the Commodore 64, and I got one when I was ten years old.  While other kids were busy playing games with theirs, I started using mine for programming BASIC, and the first thing to learn was:

10 PRINT "RYAN  ";
20 GOTO 10

which would fill the screen with my name, and myself with a little confidence.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?  Well, the term “20 goto 10” has now morphed into my term for sustainability, or the circle of life if you will.  Based on my years on this planet, one thing I’ve realized is the end of something generally signals the beginning of something else.  Case in point – composting kitchen waste.  Whereas some folks pitch their vegetable scraps into the garbage to be taken away to some not-so-distant landfill, the same scraps can be composted back into the soil to produce another batch of vegetables the next season.  This is “20 goto 10” in my world.

So what’s this blog all about?  Recently I became a father to a beautiful little girl, Lydia.  “BL” (before Lydia), I had a number of personal projects that I spent time on but never seemed to complete or make a whole lot of traction with, mainly because I had so many projects going on.  These projects mainly revolved around:

  • Independent music, mostly space rock or indie/dream pop – both making music in bands and writing about/discovering new music + podcasting
  • local products, primarily Made in Michigan ( website)
  • food – mainly growing and cooking, but also learning about various foods around the world
  • web technology, because that’s what I do for a living
  • learning about sustainability issues and best practices
  • writing a novel (yes, writing a novel)

Once the baby came, also came the realization that there was no more time to be messing around with so many projects.  Hence this blog, which I intend to be a conglomeration of all these interests, but also a written record for my daughter to understand more about her father – when she eventually gets to that stage.

So here we go… the misadventures of an indie dad.


2 thoughts on “WTF is twenty-goto-ten?

  1. Thanks for reminding me of my misspent youth leaving “KMART SUCKS” scrolling across the screen every time my mom dragged me to the store! Good times!

    I think you should find a way to incorporate a Commodore 64 tape drive into your musical performances. That damn thing was awesome…. when it worked. I remember scribing code from magazines into the 64 for hours on end — then spending hours finding my typos — all so I could slowly save my creation onto the tape drive. That way I could enjoy playing and modifying the best ascii graphic games a pre-teen from the early 80’s could imagine.

  2. One notable “game” that comes to mind was an early version of the Oregon Trail. Don’t know if I ever fully got it to work though. I remember being daunted by the machine code version of the code, and always stuck with BASIC.

    Once I understood the language though, my first personal programming project was a music trivia game that I’m still proud of to this day.

    And thanks for the C64 tape drive + music suggestion – so begins the trolling of Ebay.

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