What Is Creative Indie Living?

Creative Indie LivingThe tag on the site reads “creative indie living”, so what exactly does that mean?

Generally, creative indie living is eschewing the material and consumerist aspects of modern life in order to pursue a simpler, creatively focused existence. Now, this can mean a lot of things to different people – to some, it’s moving out to the country far away from urban society, while others a moving further into cities and reclaiming areas that were once blighted or abandoned. The main aspect though is minimizing expenses and maximizing output – whatever that output may be. It’s a mix of simple, frugal and sustainable living that leaves more time for creative pursuits.

Living a more creative life starts with having a vision of what you want to be doing and how you plan to achieve it. This is a crucial step, and I know most people think being creative is not about planning or organizing, but if you want to get somewhere (anywhere) you need a direction and the means to get to the destination. Make a plan (or a road map) and use it as a rough guide to increase the time you spend creating and also to see when you’re starting to get off track.

Next, go through and get rid of all the extraneous bullshit that is not related to your creative vision. This is not just stuff, but also commitments, emotional (and physical) baggage and gratuitous expenses. Purging is sometimes scary for people, as they have a lot of sentiments tied up in things, but those sentiments are also holding them back from moving ahead with their lives – causing frustration when creative goals aren’t achieved. Note – this could take a bit of time, and isn’t always done on the first pass. Start with pitching out a few things, and periodically go through and “edit” your life of things that don’t fit. It’s also a chance to make some extra money from selling stuff, or donate it to an organization and get a warm fuzzy feeling.

Once you’ve gotten through the first 2 steps, get moving! Stop consuming and start producing – turn off the TV, limit your distractions and create. Talk to people and make connections in your field of endeavor, use experiences to enrich your output, get your creations in front of people to get valuable feedback.

I’ll be posting more about this topic in the future, as it’ a transformation that I’m continually working on.

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