San Francisco + Microsoft Build 2014

Union Square San FranciscoFor a number of reasons, my wife & I decided not to go on a vacation over spring break like we normally do, so I was pleased that my company offered to send myself and a colleague to San Francisco for the Microsoft Build 2014 conference. After that brutal winter we had, it was good to get out of town for a few days – and the weather there was actually really nice!

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What Is Creative Indie Living?

Creative Indie LivingThe tag on the site reads “creative indie living”, so what exactly does that mean?

Generally, creative indie living is eschewing the material and consumerist aspects of modern life in order to pursue a simpler, creatively focused existence. Now, this can mean a lot of things to different people – to some, it’s moving out to the country far away from urban society, while others a moving further into cities and reclaiming areas that were once blighted or abandoned. The main aspect though is minimizing expenses and maximizing output – whatever that output may be. It’s a mix of simple, frugal and sustainable living that leaves more time for creative pursuits.

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Best Kebabs Ever!

Best Kebabs Ever

It’s hard for me to not become a crazy foodie in the summertime – there’s tasty morsels all around from the market and the garden. But nothing screams summer food as much as shish kebabs on the grill. Lately in order to give our meals a change up, and introduce our infant daughter to new foods, I’ve been exploring and researching new recipes and found 2 astoundingly delicious dishes.

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10-keep-calm-20-goto-10After about 6 months or so of dormancy, I’ve decided to re-boot this blog to get the focus back on creative, independent and sustainable living. That was the original purpose of Twenty-Goto-Ten when I launched it back in September 2012, but my love of music crept back and took over the content. In February this year, I moved all of the music content over to Outersound Underground, which gives me space again here to write about the other things I love in life: food, travel, indie life, etc. Stay tuned and carry on!